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Weddings in the Winter

Whoever said Winter is typically an unpopular season to get married is wrong! Getting married in winter can provide you with even more options and your guests may have more availability to attend. It also may ensure you can book your preferred venue. The majority of weddings take place between May and October, leaving plenty of open spots in the winter for your venue of choice. There are, of course, a few do’s and don’ts to consider when planning a winter wedding. Below, we are providing some assistance to help take some of the planning weight off your shoulders. 

Do Be Prepared for Winter Weather

If you are holding your wedding somewhere where it will likely snow, be prepared! Depending on where your guests reside, they may experience delays in travel which could impact their ability to arrive on time or at all. Securing local accommodations in advance and even booking a shuttle to transport guests from the hotel to the venue can relieve some of the logistical concerns. 

Do Provide Heaters

Whether your nuptials are held indoors or out, be sure to keep your guests comfortable. If your wedding venue is located in an area that’s cold in the wintertime, make sure the venue has adequate heat and can even provide space heaters as needed. These can also be helpful in warmer climates as it may get chilly at night. One additional idea is to offer a basket of scarves for your guests to bundle up while attending the ceremony or reception.

Do Have Winter-Inspired Desserts

Winter is the perfect time for baked goods. Consider having multiple sweet treats such as cookies, pies, and seasonal flavored pastries instead of one large cake. This will give your guests more options to choose from and provide a cozier and more intimate feel for your winter wedding. It also gives them more options to choose from and can make it feel like you are prioritizing the ones you love.

Don’t Have a Holiday Theme 

A holiday theme can distract the guests from why they are gathered — for your special day. Extensive holiday decor can make the space seem more like a holiday party than a wedding ceremony and reception. A few festive touches should be enough if you want some holiday cheer incorporated into your big day. Be sure they are subtle and are not too distracting from the overarching colors or theme you have in place.

Don’t Have a Summer Color Palette

Jewel tones and icy blue colors look mesmerizing against a snowy backdrop. Choosing a winter color palette will help reiterate your chosen season and will set your big day apart from those held during “preferred months”. Warm colors are seen in the majority of wedding décor and bridesmaids gowns and your seasonal color choices will set your event apart.

Don’t Use Summer Flowers

When you’re searching for the right flowers for your big day, it’s important to remember what type of flowers are in season. Avoid showing up to your wedding with flowers that seem out of place. Consider florals that are available year-round such as roses (always a classic) and pansies (the purple hues would stand out in your bouquet). 

Winter may be seen as an “unusual” season to choose for your wedding, but it will help make your big day even more unique! By following these do’s and don’ts, you can take some unnecessary stress off you and or your wedding planner’s shoulders. Start planning your winter wedding today. Email us at for more information about our wedding venue. We cannot wait to be a part of your special day!

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